Wednesday, 16 May 2018

New Downloadable Paper Craft Products Coming To The Shop Soon!

Hi everyone! I have not been resting on my laurels since the last show and have already created key focal images as part of the next collection. I was so thrilled and proud of it I wanted to share just the illustration.... however I can't as it will be a Hochanda Exclusive on July 7th... I am really excited to show you though....

Anyway, I always create a LOT of artwork for each collection and I thought it would be lovely to make it available as a high res download for you to use in your crafty projects, how does that sound? The shop will do it as an instant download, so once you pay you can access the artwork and keep it.
This is a snippet of the kind of thing I mean....let me know what you think!!

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  1. This is a great idea Samantha, I love your artwork. It would be great to have more available.


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