Friday, 3 March 2017

Patchwork Teacup Cushion

We've been having a busy time here at Samantha Braund Arts, tackling all kinds of media! This is my latest textile piece, a patchwork teacup cushion for my mother's birthday. She was very much the inspiration behind the theme as she loves her tea lol. I went with cosy English cottagey style cotton fabrics, and created stencils for the cups and mugs from my own drawings. Each block contained multiple different textures, and I particularly love the linen-esque fabric for the labels. I also incorporated textile painting - translucent watercolour style to add shading and depth to the cups, then the opaque hearts stamped onto the labels. I am totally in love with patchwork, and we all enjoyed picking our favourite cup/mug :) 

                                            The Patchwork Cushion with the Exotic Fish Tote Bag :)

I hope you love them!!

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