Monday, 23 January 2017

Textile Work in Progress January 2017

                                                                 Shimmering Butterflies

I'm enjoying 2017 very much so far - probably because I've been finding comfort behind Kiki the sewing machine. Playing on the sewing machine is up there with doodling now, as my go to de- stressing activity.

I even feel more relaxed with textile work, when it comes to experimenting with various techniques . The Shimmering Butterflies piece for example, was very challenging but fun. It is inspired by an Angie Hughes you tube video, and focuses on free motion embroidery over foils. The result is very rich and luxurious with plenty of bead and metallic thread embellishments for good measure. The close up images are sheer eye candy too

Below is work in progress using painted and printed cloth. I worked on the surface design of the cotton material first, creating a nice pile of beautiful prints to play with. I am in the process of composing a seascape as a collage setting for exotic fish (made from the painted fabrics) . I will be free motion embroidering and embellishing the piece and intend to us it to make a Tote bag... I will post progress pics on here

The other cool thing I was able to do was to make personalised bookmarks for family members. The strips of painted fabric looked amazing offset by the plush felt borders.

I will leave this post here, with plenty of close up photo shots of all this work for you to peruse through

Bye for now xx

                                                                            Exotic Fish Collage

                                                                        Personalised Bookmarks

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