Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Big Announcement - I'll be On TV tomorrow!!

I am on Hochanda tomorrow to show my own brand of stamps and stencils based on my own original hand drawn artwork. I am so excited to finally share my work with other crafters . I will be doing some tutorial videos here to show how to recreate projects and how to use the new fab Pentart Silk Paints. I will also be doing workshops at the Telford Create It event in June....anyway, wish me luck


Friday, 3 March 2017

Frosty Midnight Garden Canvas - Powertex Mixed Media

This is actually an unfinished piece of work drawing from my Level 3 Powertex training last month. I had got to the stage of my mixed media piece where it just needs some paints and metallic, having already done all my dry brushing. I loved the frosty look of it, and all the delicious grainy textural shapes emerging, so I though I'd photograph it at this stage as well as when it's complete. Can you imagine this amazing mixed media effect on notebooks and jewellery boxes?! Anyway, enjoy the photos , I'll be back with more when it's done :)


Patchwork Teacup Cushion

We've been having a busy time here at Samantha Braund Arts, tackling all kinds of media! This is my latest textile piece, a patchwork teacup cushion for my mother's birthday. She was very much the inspiration behind the theme as she loves her tea lol. I went with cosy English cottagey style cotton fabrics, and created stencils for the cups and mugs from my own drawings. Each block contained multiple different textures, and I particularly love the linen-esque fabric for the labels. I also incorporated textile painting - translucent watercolour style to add shading and depth to the cups, then the opaque hearts stamped onto the labels. I am totally in love with patchwork, and we all enjoyed picking our favourite cup/mug :) 

                                            The Patchwork Cushion with the Exotic Fish Tote Bag :)

I hope you love them!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Exotic Fish Collage Tote Bag

This passion project is a gift for my best friend who loves all things girly and loves tropical fish...It was my first textile collage and included handpainted, block printed and stamped elements. I had so much fun making it and even made rustic bag charms and matching buttons. The main bag is constructed from cream linen, with viscose and cotton embellishments fee motion embroidered on top. I included multicolour piping using bits from all my painted fabrics, and added a recessed zip on the bag, which was a brand new technique for me!!  I hope you love it too, enjoy the photos


Monday, 23 January 2017

Textile Work in Progress January 2017

                                                                 Shimmering Butterflies

I'm enjoying 2017 very much so far - probably because I've been finding comfort behind Kiki the sewing machine. Playing on the sewing machine is up there with doodling now, as my go to de- stressing activity.

I even feel more relaxed with textile work, when it comes to experimenting with various techniques . The Shimmering Butterflies piece for example, was very challenging but fun. It is inspired by an Angie Hughes you tube video, and focuses on free motion embroidery over foils. The result is very rich and luxurious with plenty of bead and metallic thread embellishments for good measure. The close up images are sheer eye candy too

Below is work in progress using painted and printed cloth. I worked on the surface design of the cotton material first, creating a nice pile of beautiful prints to play with. I am in the process of composing a seascape as a collage setting for exotic fish (made from the painted fabrics) . I will be free motion embroidering and embellishing the piece and intend to us it to make a Tote bag... I will post progress pics on here

The other cool thing I was able to do was to make personalised bookmarks for family members. The strips of painted fabric looked amazing offset by the plush felt borders.

I will leave this post here, with plenty of close up photo shots of all this work for you to peruse through

Bye for now xx

                                                                            Exotic Fish Collage

                                                                        Personalised Bookmarks

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