Monday, 26 September 2016

Rock Pool Shell Scape in Powertex

I am having an exciting year, taking new creative directions. My sewing has improved and I've even been experimenting with interesting textile art techniques . I will show more of that work here soon.

I happened to be watching a UK tv craft channel back in June, and a lady came on and demonstrated this amazing mixed media resin called Powertex. It comes in liquid form and can soak into absorbent materials such as wood, paper and fabric, as it hardens you can sculpt the materials into beautiful forms. You can also create a clay from the Powertex when combined with Stoneart , which is malleable and hardens fairly quickly in air. It's a Mixed Media artists dream!

I bought an introductory pack they had put together, and was so impressed I decided to train up and become a certified tutor! The hubby (who trained up too) and I cover the Leicestershire area of  the UK for anyone who wants to learn how to play with the Powertex products. The main UK website wwhich has tons of info and an online shop can be found HERE

We made some really cool stuff on the training course, statues and fairy houses and so on, but this was my first solo project using some of the skills we'd learnt. I always seem to veer towards my shipwrecked theme, and came up with this shellscape rock pool sculpture. Its about 6 x5 inches on the base, and approx. 4-5 inches high. There is so much detail in there because I wanted see how it would handle wire , moulds and gemstones (pearls). I did an array of techniques not least being creating that faux Bronze look that I love, and is surprisingly simple to do

I'm in the process of creating projects for workshops and familiarising myself with Powertex products. I will probably use this website to share demos and workshop details :)

Anyway I am super excited and cannot wait to get started. Enjoy the other  pics

Samantha Braund :)

Powertex UK

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