Sunday, 20 March 2016

2016 - An Unexpected Direction

I ended up spending most of the second half of 2015 in hospital dealing with emergency surgery and the complications of the procedures. Not fun! . So needless to say I was rendered unable to do hardly anything. I read a lot of books and watched a fair bit of tv. One such tv channel was one of those craft shopping channels, which did live demo's . I became addicted to watching sewing shows! I had never owned a sewing machine, and had never sewn a stitch since high school Home Economics class. I think the presenter Debbie Shore made projects seem doable and fun.

One day they had a special 4 day deal knocking 50% off a decent sewing machine, and I bought it!!! I figured I had always wanted to add stitching to my mixed media work, but still this seemed like a rash decision lol. I was so scared of the thing it took me a few weeks to be able to calm down and learn how to thread the bobbin and get it to work.

The first projects were a 70's inspired pin cushion caravan for myself and a couple of zipper purses as xmas gifts for family. They went down so well, that it encouraged me to take on more ambitious endeavours

Hippy Caravan Pincushion, my first project!

The next set of projects were a simple bag for my Mum and a couple of online tutorials by Carolyn Waugh, learning how to utilise the decorative stitches on your sewing machine, and fabric slashing to create a textured funky fabric, that I used to make a cushion cover!! I was really starting to enjoy myself now

Mum's present - my first bag!

 Funky Slashed Cushion Cover, using attractive patterned batiks to create the desired effect. I even used he left over scraps from the project to make the cushion cover , with a Cathedral window quilting block to set it off

By now I was doing a lot of research and learning a lot (in theory) !!

Now I  am just over 3 months on from the start of my sewing journey and I have made several bags , fabric baskets, purses, and a vintage clutch bag for my mother in law. The next step for me is surface designs i.e getting my own artwork onto fabric and incorporating it into projects, as well as painting, stamping, printing and collage directly onto fabric. I am excited and nervous, but have done a lot of research ,so I just need to be brave and have a go. Wish me luck!!

Another purse for Mum

A bag for me!

Vintage clutch for my mother in law

Detailed shot of embellishments on the clutch

Pin Cushions


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