Friday, 22 May 2015

Grungey Mixed Media Book Covers

A Grungey Reversible Book Cover - one side has my Owls from "Let's Huddle" illustration , and the other has my recent expressive portrait ( as shown in my last blog post)

Creating these grungey book covers  has been a very enjoyable process. I especially enjoy incorporating my own artwork into the pieces. I get to rip the images up, scratch into them and scribble all over them too, it's a very cathartic process lol - meanwhile the originals are kept safe in pristine condition . I am so happy with the outcome that I plan to pop these in the Art's shop. I'm not particularly looking forward to the binding part but it will be worth it in the end :)

The material has such a leathery feel and is so flexible like a fabric that it has inspired me to carry out further media experimentations with it. I think 3D would be a good direction to go, either sewing pieces or using aluminium wire as armatures to create structures of some kind...I don't know yet, I need to let the ideas percolate a little while longer :)


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