Thursday, 28 May 2015

Emerging From The Shadows

I believe each artist or creative person needs to be a little self analytical when it comes to the factors that cripple your creative flow and what enhances it. Making a note of the patterns may help you avoid pitfalls later on. There is nothing more depressing for a creative person than sitting in the studio staring at that empty metaphorical canvas feeling unable to muster up anything decent at all

I have found to my surprise that setting myself a target like a Craft fair or show can actually fire up my adrenaline and out of sheer fear of failure related impulses, I am able to become quite prolific and even innovative. The threat of a high end jewellery show on the horizon helped me to invent a technique for combining my wire sculpted work with my metal clay work, which may never have happened if I hadn't set up that challenge in the first place.

I also realised this week that when I feel overwhelmed with stressful life events like hospital appointments etc that I am unable to come up with what to do in the studio. I have found joining online workshops that last over a long period of time like Lifebook has been an absolute Godsend for me. I'd never tried a year long workshop before - I am finding myself at the beginning of the week being spoon fed a tutorial of techniques etc  and without really thinking just giving it a go! All my recent artwork and creative leaps have been as a result of letting go and following a course lol... the process is all the more rewarding when you share your progress and see other course members efforts for that week in the FB group. I highly recommend paying the fee and giving it a try :)

The real Kryptonite to my creative juices is always deep seated family issues - but in knowing this I can avoid it when necessary. For example I really need to be able to create right now to get me through my day to day medical stuff right now, so I know to avoid any contact with people or factors that will kill my mojo. I just mentally put those issues in a box and don't think about it until I know I'll be able to deal with it, when things are more stable. I only know all these things about myself through trial and error and trying to pick up on any patterns of creative behaviour I have in response to certain things. I hope this works for any of you too

The portrait in this post is called "Emerge" and it's about trying to emerge from the shadows and stay in the light, and the struggle we all have with that at times. The theme was prompted by a Life Book lesson of the week and I really went with it and came up with this mixed media self portrait of what I am going through right now. I hope you like it :)


Friday, 22 May 2015

Grungey Mixed Media Book Covers

A Grungey Reversible Book Cover - one side has my Owls from "Let's Huddle" illustration , and the other has my recent expressive portrait ( as shown in my last blog post)

Creating these grungey book covers  has been a very enjoyable process. I especially enjoy incorporating my own artwork into the pieces. I get to rip the images up, scratch into them and scribble all over them too, it's a very cathartic process lol - meanwhile the originals are kept safe in pristine condition . I am so happy with the outcome that I plan to pop these in the Art's shop. I'm not particularly looking forward to the binding part but it will be worth it in the end :)

The material has such a leathery feel and is so flexible like a fabric that it has inspired me to carry out further media experimentations with it. I think 3D would be a good direction to go, either sewing pieces or using aluminium wire as armatures to create structures of some kind...I don't know yet, I need to let the ideas percolate a little while longer :)

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