Saturday, 28 February 2015

House Of Cards Doodle


This doodle was the result of watching the last few episodes of House of Cards (season 2)!! I believe the intense political wranglings on the screen resulted in one of my most erratic, convoluted doodles yet!!

 I cannot wait for season 3, I'm a fan of the original British series and had been reluctant to watch the US version because of that....however so many friends were raving about it, I succumbed and am now officially hooked lol!! Ooh that Frank Underwood is devious one lol... it's very Shakespearian , a cross between Richard the Third and Macbeth !!


Just officially Created the shop on Etsy

I have created the bare bones of the Arts shop on Etsy, which can be found at this url

I placed it under "Holiday Mode" until further notice, but it is wonderful to see things take shape :)
Now I just have to create a facebook page for it and link to this blog :)

Seahorse Illustration

The popular posts widget only works when images are loaded directly into a post, rather than from an image sharing site....

Cafe Parisienne Collage

Café Parisienne Collage :)

Armoured Heart

Testing the layout while I make changes
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